Friday, 28 June 2019

Shopping - Cheap formal dresses Suzhoudress

Hello my dear fashionistas. I hope you had an amazing June weekend. It's been summer warm in my city so I took some extra time to browse the internet in search for casual but classy timeless pieces every girl is in need for many special occasions during the year. And I find store Suzhoudress. Sometimes a girl is just in the need for a cheap formal dresses, isn't she? It's a dress a girl needs to buy for a certain event with the possibility of wearing it again which means the dress needs to be multifunctional. Also it's important for it to be affordable, otherwise we would be buying a new dress for every occasion and go completely bankrupt, Let's not mention we need to be careful to choose a trendy dress at that point, but not so overly trendy that we can't wear it again in a year or two, soon as trends tend to change from season to season.


  1. Ja već godinu dana maštam o svojoj haljini za maturu. Ovaj post me još više inspirisao :)

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  2. very beautiful dresses

  3. Haljine su prelijepe i djeluju mi baš kvalitetno. Bukvalno se ne zna koja je ljepša od koje. Sjajan post. <3

  4. stunning dresses my friend!
    thanks for visit to my place ,you have great blog

  5. How beautiful, so it's hard to choose ahah
    r: Yes, we can follow each other. I'm already following your blog

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