Monday, 2 September 2019

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Red Goth is a Bloody Romance, a Dark Elf Born in Flames

The goth subculture, which owes its origin to the gothic rock or the post-punk movement in the 1980s, continues to dominate the popular culture in myriad ways. While gothic is associated with literature, it has been widely adopted in media, fashion, and other important realms. As far as the definition is concerned, goths are believed to be drawn to dark aesthetics, whether it’s music or clothing. If you are a goth, you probably have a soft spot for gothic rock, deathrock, post-punk, cold wave, and other forms of dark genres, when it comes to music. Discernibly, gothic fashion is primarily defined by punk or new romantic fashion, displaying a blend of Victorian and Edwardian aesthetics. In pop culture, gothic is often associated with sinister attires, ultra-dark makeup, and black hair. To the contrary of popular imagination, gothic fashion is not always attributed to black, and red gothic tradition constitutes a ubiquitous trope among gothic communities. Read on to find out how to mimic the red balck gothic aesthetic to make a sensational style statement.